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"Dr. Mellow provides us with a powerful reminder of the role of our spiritual values in shaping our society, as well as in our personal lives. Our religious beliefs and our moral values greatly impact how we treat each other. Ultimately, spiritual values do more to determine our future than economic or military strength. We should all thank Dr. Mellow for reminding us about what is fundamentally important."

– David L. Boren
Former Governor of Oklahoma, United States Senator, and
President of the University of Oklahoma

"The Good Neighbor is a marvelous book by a respected Oklahoma physician. Dr. Mellow uniquely combines wisdom from the Bible with the scientific role of genes. He draws parallels between biblical character and the making of our inner biology. He points out the vital role of practicing love, kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, fairness and acts of charity to transform first individuals and then societies."

– R. Murali Krishna, M.D.
Author of Vibrant: To Heal and Be Whole
President and Cofounder, James L. Hall Center for Mind, Body and Spirit at INTEGRIS
Senior Consultant, INTEGRIS Mind-Brain Health

"Dr. Mellow’s book is based on an astonishing amount of work and research. It only gets better as you read it and, like all good family authors, his message is just as pertinent for adults as for their children. His message is hard hitting, timely, and his outline for the faith community’s role in social programs is especially impactful.  I loved it."

– Kyle Toal, M.D.
Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeon

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